Winter Nita Lake Wedding | Kate + Mitch

There was lightly falling fairy-tale-like snow for Kate and Mitch’s elegant winter Nita Lake wedding.

Having met on a mountain top they both felt the other was something special as they chatted for hours along the slopes, never wanting it to end. As their night skiing adventure was coming to a close, the sun dipped below the mountain tops and they shared their first kiss, and their love story had begun.

With the mountains bearing witness to their beginning, they knew their wedding would not feel the same without paying homage to a place that felt similarly to the place of their very first kiss. Nita Lake Lodge; surrounded by mountains was the obvious choice to recreate the winter wonderland where they met.

Starting their wedding day, amidst a bright white landscape, the warmth and glow of the radiant snow was all around. There was a unique and romantic feel that only a winter wedding can bring. Excitement and wedding day jitters were in the air as Kate and her bridesmaids prepared. There was the bustle of laughter as they helped her into her dress. Kate was the epitome of elegance, dawned in beads and lace, she just glowed.

Nearby Mitch, was quiet and contemplative as he awaited the moment he would see Kate for the first time. His groomsmen were all around bringing a lightness to the afternoon before he and Kate would walk down the aisle. You could feel the love in the air. They could not wait!

With winter Nita Lake weddings, there is this bright light that covers everything with natural warmth. It’s a light that you don’t get with any other season. Everything feels instantly intimate and dream-like. It’s emotive and feels as though it should be treasured. While snow falls outside, inside faces are illuminated with its glow. The result, gorgeous well lit portraits, like these of Kate and Mitch.

With the ceremony under way and we were excited to capture one of our favourite moments; the first look. Ready to start their lives together, you could see the love that Mitch had for Kate as they first locked eyes on each other. As photographers we love to capture the moments when it feels like the rest of the world fades away and it is only the two partners in existence.

Behind Mitch, a backdrop of mountains and softly blanketed trees stood as he waited to greet Kate at the alter and begin their journey together. One of the moments we will remember was as they began to take their vows, snowflakes began to quietly fall and welcome into the winter wonderland beyond. It was magic!

We like to ask our couples, “What do you want to feel on your wedding day?” We get a variety of answers but usually we get a request for some calm. The day can be a busy one and it is easy to get lost in the all that is going on. For Kate and Mitch it was important to have a day that was filled with ease. They wanted the day to feel truly romantic but to let the scenery, and enjoy the time together.

Whisking our couples away for some exclusive time together, offers a special time, to recenter and reconnect. Kate and Mitch’s wedding felt like we were sneaking them away, to experience the mountains all to themselves. In winter, guests tend to stick close to the venue and with so many stunning places to utilize and explore at Nita Lake Lodge, it allowed for truly stunning captures; where they were the only two.

Nita Lake Lodge is a gorgeous location to host your wedding for any wedding season, not just in winter. To see a beautiful summer wedding hosted there, you can check out Kyla + Gord’s wedding on the blog.

Photography | Tara Lilly Photography
Venue | Nita Lake Lodge
Planning | Weddings by Bluebird