Fairmont Whistler Wedding | Caroline + Jon

Love Conquers Rain: Caroline + Jon’s Fairmont Wedding Extravaganza

Caroline and Jon’s wedding at Fairmont Mountain View Lawn in Whistler, BC, was a testament to the magic that love can bring, even on a rainy day. The couple, undeterred by the weather, embraced the unexpected turns of the day with grace and excitement.

As raindrops fell throughout the morning, anticipation grew for the outdoor ceremony. Remarkably, just in time for the vows, the rain subsided, allowing for a quick drying off of chairs and creating a magical ambiance with low clouds drifting through the mountain backdrop. The sun peeked through, casting a warm glow over the couple and their guests.

One of the unique elements of Jon’s wedding day look was his distinctive mustache. In a gesture of camaraderie, all of Jon’s groomsmen decided to sport mustaches as well, adding a touch of lighthearted fun to the celebration.

Caroline’s review on Google after the wedding echoed the remarkable spirit of the day. She recounted how Tara and Steve, the dynamic duo behind Tara Lilly Photography, seamlessly navigated the challenges brought by the rain, adjusting the timeline and finding new shooting locations based on weather conditions. Their ability to stay calm, cheerful, and organized, even in the face of last-minute changes, left a lasting impression on the couple.

Tara and Steve went above and beyond, not only capturing beautiful moments but also ensuring the logistical aspects of the day ran smoothly. From communicating with the wedding planner to assisting with tasks and even drying off chairs before the ceremony, their dedication to creating a seamless experience for the couple was evident.

Caroline concluded her review by highlighting the essential qualities that Tara brought to their wedding day: “Highly recommend hiring Tara if you want 1) happy calm vibes, 2) an experienced professional who is not thrown by last-minute challenges, 3) someone who is organized and will make sure everything stays on time, and 4) beautiful photos!”

In the end, Caroline and Jon’s Fairmont wedding was not just a celebration of love but a testament to the expertise, adaptability, and joyful spirit that Tara Lilly Photography brings to every couple’s special day.

Photography | Tara Lilly Photography
Videography | Wagner + Co
Florist | Flowers & Jules
Planner | Petite Pearl | Marcie
Hair + Make-up | Nadia Albano
Music | Famous Players Band
Officiant | Linda McGaw