A couple standing on rocks in front of a rock formation, captured by a Vancouver wedding photographer.

Meet Tara & Steve

Whistler Wedding Photographers

Hi, we are Tara & Steve, the creatives behind Tara Lilly Photography. Since 2010, we have photographed hundreds of weddings around the world.

Whistler is our chosen home and the backdrop of most of the weddings we capture. We blend the beauty of the Sea to Sky Corridor into the story of your wedding day. Our multitude of international wedding photography awards are a testament to the trust our couples put in us on their wedding day. We're committed to providing a luxury experience that feels effortless. We're not just capturing moments; we become part of your day, helping to ensure your wedding unfolds smoothly so you can look back on your photos and relive the feeling of being present on your wedding day.

Steve’s calm demeanour and confident presence has earned him the title of ‘Bride Whisperer’ on many a wedding day. The bigger the wedding party and wilder the dancerfloor, the better!
While Tara has a quieter presence, she has a gift for capturing the beauty of those fleeting in-between moments. A gentle touch, a teary look; she has a soft spot for personal vows and heartfelt speeches.

So, whether you are planning an intimate elopement in the mountains or a grand celebration in the heart of Whistler, we're here to make sure your love story gets the spotlight it deserves.

What to Expect working with us

Two men hugging on the beach in front of the ocean captured beautifully by a Squamish wedding photographer.


Let's jump on a call and chat about your day

We want to hear all about your wedding plans. What aspects are meaningful? Who are your favourite people? Which moments are most important? We really want to understand your vision for the day and ensure that we are the right fit, artistically and personally. We will be spending a lot of time together and it's important that you are able to put your trust in us.


Celebrate In A Way That Resonates With You and your partner

Ditch the traditions that don't make sense and keep the ones that do. With over ten years of experience, our knowledge of everything from locations and lighting, to local vendors is available to you. Great images start with collaboration. Nothing is too 'out there' or untraditional. We are here to help you bring your dreams to life.

A black and white photo of a bride and groom gazing at each other, captured by an Italy wedding photographer.
A black and white photo of a couple toasting champagne, captured by a Squamish wedding photographer.


We Are Here To Document Your Day As It Unfolds

The messy bits, the funny moments, the snotty crying - we're here for it. The more relaxed you feel, the more genuine your interactions are, the better your photos will be. When it comes to portraits, we will give you as much guidance as you need, while leaving space for your personalities and connection to shine through. Putting your trust in us allows you to stay present, and for us to do what we do best.

Our Story

Our story began the summer we met on the beach near our family cottages in Ontario.

We started dating at seventeen. After a decade of travelling the world, and building Tara Lilly Photography together, Steve proposed on a snowboard trip to Whistler. Little did we know, we’d be calling those mountains home a few years later. We decided to tie the knot (literally- we had a hand fasting ceremony) back were it all began, on the beach where we first met.

Last summer we decided to renew our vows. We went to one of our favourite Whistler Elopements locations, and re-read our original vows before the new ones we wrote. We've been so many versions of ourselves over the past two decades. Pausing to put it all into words made the reminiscing a little sweeter, the promises hit a little deeper and the tears flow a little more freely.

Leah Kathryn captured this day perfectly. A beautiful reminder that the value of our images deepens with the passage of time.

A red haired woman in a floral maxi dress and hat standing in front of a mountain, captured by a Vancouver wedding photographer.
Tara (She/Her)

Lover of foggy trees, deep conversations & wandering through cobblestone streets, Tara is a romantic at heart.  Between skiing & reading snuggled up with her cats & a cup of tea, winter is easily Tara’s favourite season.

"Tara is very much an artist, and she gets completely lost in the projects that she is passionate about. She can fall asleep on an airplane faster than anyone, and she comes alive while traveling to new places. As a self-proclaimed 'in-the-box' thinker, I am always fascinated by her imagination and creativity. 

And, well, I've loved her for as long as I can remember."


steve whistler wedding photographer portrait
Steve (he/Him)

Steve loves to spend his days camping in the backcountry, on his snowmobile, or ATV. He’s often scouting new elopement locations to share with our couples, while exploring our (backyard).

"Steve is one of the most hardworking people I have ever met. He has a way of putting people at ease, and is a constant reminder for me not to take life too seriously. With his innate curiosity and near photographic memory, he's definitely someone you want on your team for Trivia Night. He has a deep patience and unwavering support for those he loves."


Some of our favourite adventures

la bella vita

Tara's love affair with Italy began the first summer she lived there out of university. Since then she's been back almost every year; capturing weddings, elopements, and couples sessions.


Are you traveling to Euope this year?