Audain Art Museum Wedding | Sarah + Will

Love and Elegance at the Audain Art Museum: Sarah + Will’s Whistler Wedding

In the heart of Whistler, surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of Canada’s west coast, Sarah and Will embarked on a journey of love and elegance at the Audain Art Museum. This black-tie affair was a celebration that blended sophistication, artistry, and a touch of Canadian charm.

The couple chose Whistler not just as a wedding destination but as a place where their friends from around the world could experience a holiday to remember. The Audain Art Museum stood out as the perfect venue, with its unique architectural design and a distinct “Canadian vibe” characterized by the warmth of wood accents throughout the space.

Sarah, originally from Edmonton, and Will, a Sydney native with a global background, wove their unique love story into the fabric of Whistler’s enchanting landscape. Having met in Australia, the couple decided to tie the knot in Canada, creating a destination wedding that would offer a delightful holiday experience for their international guests.

The proposal, a Christmas surprise in Edmonton, unfolded during a walk in the river valley. Despite the chilly weather, the warmth of their love shone through as Will popped the question, setting the stage for the beginning of their journey to the altar.

The wedding day, envisioned as an elegant and sophisticated black-tie event, unfolded seamlessly against the stunning backdrop of the Audain Art Museum. Bliss Events, known for their exceptional decor, transformed the venue into a dreamlike setting, creating an atmosphere that perfectly complemented the couple’s vision.

The celebration continued with the Side One band providing the soundtrack for a night filled with laughter, dancing, and unforgettable moments. The architectural features of the Audain Art Museum became a canvas for night portraits, capturing the couple’s radiance against the unique and photogenic elements that make this venue stand out in Whistler.

Sarah and Will’s Whistler wedding at the Audain Art Museum was not just an event; it was a masterpiece that blended art, love, and celebration. The couple’s story, reflected in every detail, showcased the beauty of their journey and the elegance that defined their special day.

Photography | Tara Lilly Photography | Whistler Steve
Planning | Bliss Events
Officiant | Tracy Kerr
Hair and Make-up | Natacha Trottier
Venue | Audain
Catering | Bearfoot Bistro
Strings | Whistler Classical Strings
Band | Side One Band