Whistler Fairmont Mountain-View Lawn Wedding | Amanda + Michael

Love Rekindled in Whistler: Amanda and Michael’s Two-Day Fairmont Whistler Wedding

A love story that transcends continents found its way back to where it all began – the enchanting mountains of Whistler. Amanda and Michael, who first met in this picturesque town a decade ago, decided to journey back from Australia, where they now reside, to celebrate their union. Their wedding extravaganza spanned two unforgettable days at the Fairmont Whistler, each a chapter in the tale of their enduring love.

The first day unfolded with a sense of nostalgia as Amanda and Michael revisited the very spots where their story began. A captivating first look and portrait session captured their love against the breathtaking backdrop of Whistler, an ode to their roots. Venturing to cherished Whistler locations, the portrait session captured the essence of their relationship. Epic mountain views, the lushness of the forest, and the soft play of light were the perfect canvases for the duo’s love to shine. The day culminated in a splendid dinner that seamlessly blended the warmth of their connection with the opulence of the Fairmont Whistler.

Day two heralded the ceremonial exchange of vows on the Mountainview lawn of the Fairmont. With only their closest loved ones, around 20 guests, the couple immersed themselves in the luxury orchestrated by Erin Kincaid and her team from Bliss Events. Tara, with her lens, and Steve, as the officiant, ensured every moment was a testament to the couple’s unique love story. The day continued with cocktails and a change of attire at the Fairmont, leading the party to The Raven Room, where the celebration took a spirited turn.

This untraditional wedding day was a reflection of Amanda and Michael’s personalities, a testament to their belief that weddings should be as unique as the couple themselves. Their advice to others echoes through the beauty of their day – make your wedding what you want it to be, breaking free from conventions and embracing the extraordinary.

In the embrace of Whistler’s mountains, Amanda and Michael not only celebrated their love but also created a timeless saga of a wedding that was true to their journey and their shared beginnings in this magical town and the Fairmont Whistler.

Photography | Tara Lilly Photography
Officiating | Whistler Steve
Planning | Bliss Events
Venue | Fairmont Chateau Whistler
Hair and Make-up | Kerry Waring
Music | Musos Entertainment
Cocktails | Raven Room