Riverlands Red Barn Wedding | Chelsea + Bobby

Chelsea and Bobby’s Love Story at Riverlands Red Barn

Nestled in the picturesque Pemberton Meadows, surrounded by the majestic mountains of British Columbia, Chelsea and Bobby chose the enchanting Riverlands Red Barn as the canvas for their love story. This idyllic location, with its breathtaking views and rustic charm, set the stage for an unforgettable wedding celebration.

Whistler holds a special place in Chelsea and Bobby’s hearts, having been the backdrop to many cherished moments in their relationship. Over the years, they’ve shared more than 10 visits to this mountain haven, making it a natural choice for their wedding destination. The decision was symbolic—a nod to their first trips together and a testament to the significance of Whistler in their love story.

High school sweethearts for an incredible 16 years, Chelsea and Bobby’s journey is a testament to enduring love. From their early days to adventures in travel, concerts, skiing, and the tranquility of their Muskoka cottage, the couple has built a life filled with shared passions and cherished memories.

The proposal, a magical moment on New Year’s Eve in Whistler, added another layer to their love story. Bobby, on one knee amidst the trees on Blackcomb, created a memory that perfectly captured the essence of their relationship—full of surprises, adventure, and undeniable romance.

For their wedding day, Chelsea and Bobby envisioned an intimate affair surrounded by the stunning landscapes of Pemberton Meadows. The Riverlands Red Barn, with its rustic elegance, was the ideal setting for a celebration with their closest family and friends. Approximately 35 guests joined the couple for a day marked by radiant smiles, infectious laughter, refreshing drinks, delectable food, and the lively ambiance of live music and dancing.

Chelsea and Bobby’s Riverlands Red Barn wedding was a reflection of their enduring love, a beautifully curated celebration that embraced the natural beauty of the mountains and the warmth of their closest relationships. The day unfolded as a unique chapter in their love story, surrounded by the breathtaking vistas of Pemberton Meadows and the mountains that have witnessed the growth of their remarkable bond.

Photography | Tara Lilly Photography
Officiant | Whistler Steve
Videography | Cameron Videography
Planner | Filosophi
Florals | Nine Bark Design
Music | Side One Band
Hair and Make-up | Minjee Mowat

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