Bridges Restaurant Wedding | Tara Lilly Photography | Leah + Kevin

Bridges Restaurant Wedding | Tara Lilly Photography | Leah + Kevin

Leah and Kevin took the chance on a February, Bridges Restaurant wedding on Granville Island in Vancouver. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for these two lovebirds to tie the knot.

Everybody always says that hindsight is 20/20, meaning that it’s easy to know the right thing to do after something has happened. Leah and Kevin seemed to have 20/20 foresight when they chose February 10th for a wedding day. The weather was perfect. Clear skies, very little wind, a mild 6°C and a classic west coast sunset over the harbour for their Bridges Restaurant wedding.

Leah and Kevin met in 2008 while working for the same law firm, and it took almost ten years for them to start dating.

“We worked together and were essentially “work spouses” for ten years while we dated various other people over the years. We didn’t figure out we were in love and start dating until July 2017!” – Leah

Once they were officially a couple, Leah and Kevin planned their Granville Island Bridges Restaurant wedding and were married 6 months later.

“We didn’t want to spend months on the details of the wedding, just wanted to have a fun night with friends and family as soon as possible, so it was mostly availability of the venue!” – Leah

Granville Island is the perfect location for a wedding. The Granville Island Hotel has stunning boutique hotel rooms and suites and is only a 5-minute walk from a Bridges Restaurant wedding. Directly outside the hotel is pristine waterfront green space and the walk to Bridges also passes by all of the unique architecture and cute shops that Granville Island is famous for. Photo opportunities abound, rain or shine.

Please be sure to check out the bottom of the blog Leah and Kevin’s favourite image from their day!

As always, a huge thank you to all of the vendors who made this day so special. Check out their websites and give them some love below!

Hard to pick one – but the “running” action photo because we’re laughing and it represents our relationship the best.

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Videographer | Paul Cameron | @paulcameronproductions
Planner | Weddings by Bluebird | @weddingbluebird
Venue | Bridges Restaurant |@bridgesvancouver
Hotel | Granville Island Hotel | @gihotel
Officiant | Patrick Hyde
Florist | Billies Flower House | @billiesflowerhouse
Music | Elliott
Make-up | Red Carpet Ready by Christina | @rcrbychristina