Cheekye Ranch Wedding | Karley + Adam

“Love Blossoms at Cheekye Ranch: Karley + Adam’s Breathtaking Wedding Adventure”

Tara first met Karley more than 15 years ago while they were both attending the University of Guelph in Ontario. It was great to reconnect in BC while Karley + Adam were planning their wedding. Their wedding journey took a unique turn due to COVID, resulting in a memorable elopement we crafted through Whistler Elopements. The scenic beauty of Whistler set the stage for their intimate elopement, which you can read about on the Whistler Elopements blog.

With the world settling down, Karley and Adam embraced a new chapter and planned a grand celebration at Cheekye Ranch in Squamish. Nestled along the Cheekye River with stunning views of Alpha Mountain, the DIY-style venue perfectly matched their vision. Glamping tents were set up, providing a mountain retreat for guests to enjoy the weekend festivities.

A standout VIP guest was Karley + Adam’s son, Mack, who added an extra layer of joy to the celebration. The wedding was family-friendly, with many guests bringing their children. Dads, in particular, embraced the moment, wearing their little ones in chest harnesses, allowing them to be part of the festivities while enjoying the scenic beauty.

The emotive day was filled with good vibes and heartwarming speeches that added to the overall charm. The sense of closeness and connection was palpable, creating an atmosphere of love and celebration. Karley and Adam’s journey with Whistler Elopements evolved from a close-knit elopement to a grand wedding, highlighting the special bond that develops with repeat couples.

As the sun set over Cheekye Ranch, it marked the beginning of a new chapter for Karley and Adam. Their love story, woven with the breathtaking backdrop of Squamish, continues to inspire and celebrate the joy of genuine connections and enduring love.

Photography | Tara Lilly Photography
Videography | Cameron Videography
Planner | Petite Pearl
DJ | Coast Mountain DJs
Venue | Cheekye Ranch
Glamping Tents | Wild Haven